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What is a technological world

In the modern world,technology has become a basic human need. It plays a very strong role in affecting the way we communicate, work and of course, live.In every sphere of our life, technology has a significant part to play.

Technology is what runs the world today. New inventions and innovations have paved way to advancement in technology. The modern world is all about those innovations and with the passage of time, human dependence on technology has rapidly escalated. This is the ‘technological world’ of today, where human interactions and livelihood have become majorly based on the technology itself.

Pros of living in a technological world

  • Education: Nowadays students are able to find almost anything on their subject of study in a few seconds, all thanks to the latest technology. Now all they have to do is enter their query on the internet and endless solutions are displayed.
  • Easy access: Thanks to the wonders of modern technology now, all kinds of information can be easily accessed from anywhere as long as there is a connection available.
  • Easy communication: Now distances seem almost negligible. People are easily able to contact their loved ones. Business deals are also carried out through the use of technology.
  • Medical help: Many diseases that seemed incurable in the past have become treatable due to technological advancement in the field of medicine.

Cons of living in a technological world

  • High cost: Unfortunately,the priceto pay for technology is not affordable for everyone. As a result, a social divide has been created among the population. Social class becomes an important factor.
  • Rapid upgrades:New technologies are easily replaced with newer ones. Wastelands are becoming filled up at an alarming rate with the gadgets that are now redundant and have been replaced with better ones.
  • Laziness among students: Students become lazy as they solely rely on material that they can acquire through the internet. Instead of going to libraries and taking notes in the classroom, they become used to typing their query into their laptops and receiving the required information. This induces laziness in them as they do not have to put in any effort.
  • Data insecurity: The data shared on social media and other forums through the use of technology becomes vulnerable as it can be hacked through the means of technology itself.

Do people really need technology as much as they think they do?

This is surely difficult to debate upon. As far as the world has come today, the facilities and ease that technology has bestowed upon it, it is also true that the people have become a lot more dependent on it than they should. The psychological impact of ever-changing technology may not be that apparent but it exists. People want to use every kind of new technology that comes into the market and of course, want to own it too. This puts them in a constant state of restlessness. Therefore, people have converted their wants into their needs now.