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Your confidentiality is reflected in our privacy policy believes in providing confidentiality to the clients and does not disclose their information to any third party. We have a strict privacy policy which is developed after considering each and every aspect of our customer’s private information. All the information gathered from us is solely for the purpose of providing a better customer experience and enhancing our quality of work.

Credit card transactions: The company has a very secure online payment method so there is no need to worry about the security of your credit card information. We have developed a system which is entirely free from every sort of risk or fraud. All our clients should be carefree in terms of the safety of their confidential information because we believe in providing top experience to you.

Cookies: These help us to determine the traffic at the website as well as to maintain it smoothly. Through cookies we get information such as number of clicks and visited webpages etc. It helps to enhance our quality of website. However, if you do not want this you can always disable cookies in your web settings.

Personal data: All the personal data is stored in our customer base so as to provide you the best experience with us. No part of your information is shared with any third party whatsoever.