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Terms and conditions that are convenient for the customers

We believe in providing the best customer service to all our clients without compromising on the quality. We welcome you to our company and being our client you should leave all your academic worries to us now. Our aim is to cater to all your needs and for maintaining a strong long term relationship with our clients, we have created a thorough terms and conditions script. Before you place an order, we suggest that you carefully read this so as to avoid any future misunderstanding. Once you order from the company we assume that you have read and understood all the terms mentioned below:

The company is authorized to deduct its fees from your credit card through the information given by you. The data will be removed once the fee is charged.

The company is not responsible for any delays in work delivery if there is a problem at the customers’ side such as slow or no internet connection, spam filtering, incorrect e-mail address and so on.

It is your sole responsibility to provide correct credit card as well as contact information to the company and you will be held responsible for any invalid details.

If the order is not delivered on time, the client has the authority to claim a refund. The claim request will be sent to the quality assurance department after assessment of which your refund will be accepted or rejected. The verdict given by the department shall be final and respected by both the parties.

In case you are not satisfied with work, we suggest that you send it for a revision first before claiming any kind of refund. Please note that the work will be revised according to the initial requirements stated by the client and any changes in the requirements will be charged a fee.

The company shall not be held responsible if the delay in delivery of work is due to the following reasons:

  • If the customer does not provide correct information on time
  • If there is a delay in payment for the order placed
  • If the information given is incomplete or incorrect
  • If the academic level is wrongly stated by the client

In case the client wants data from a specific source which is not readily available in the market, then it is the clients’ responsibility to provide the source.

Please make sure to read and understand clearly all the conditions and adhere to the policies of the company for smooth functioning on both sides.